Kate Hudson Weighs In On Where Her ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ Character Would Be Now

She also teased the idea of a sequel.


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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is a noughties classic, don’t fight me on it. It’s one of those films you can throw on whatever kind of mood you’re in. It has a bit of everything, unrealistic lifestyles, cringe-worthy moments, questionable boyfriend/girlfriend stereotypes, an iconic fashion moment that we’ll never forget: yep, that yellow gown. And, fun fact, it’s actually based on a short cartoon book of the same name by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long.

If you haven’t seen it (add suspicious eyes emoji here) it stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey as two singles who were tricking each other into having a relationship: one where Kate (or her character, Andy) is trying to scare poor Matthew McConaughey (Ben, shall we say?) off, and he’s trying to prove a ridiculous point that he can partake in a relationship. A recipe for a rom-com that we’ll love in years to come.


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Now, Kate Hudson has revealed where she thinks the characters of the film would be now. “I’ve always thought about what Matthew [McConaughey] and I’s characters would be now if we were still together,” Kate told Elle.

“It’s actually probably a good amount of time [that has passed] to make a movie about it,” she continued. Aside from this very exciting revelation that we may get a sequel, or at least that Kate Hudson herself is open to it, she also has a theory on how her Andy and Ben would be doing now. “We probably would have gotten married with kids. We’re probably miserable right now!”

So there we have it. Let’s just hope that if the sequel does indeed happen, it’ll be worth the almost 20 year wait.