Khloé Kardashian Buys Her Earrings From THIS High Street Shop!

Having hoops like Khloé doesn't have to break the bank.

Who knew that stealing Khloé Kardashian’s style could cost you less than €20?

The mother-to-be is known for sporting her huge hoop earrings with most of her looks and has recently let her followers in on her secret to looking good inexpensively.

Twitter user @ChelseaStabless asked where she could find “hoops as big as Khloé Kardashian” because none of her’s come close to size, to which Khloé responded “I got my really big ones at Nine West. I only buy inexpensive hoops because I lose them often. The rest are from Claire’s.”

Like us, Khloé can relate to the inconvenience of losing an earring, so why bother splashing out on a pair of hoops that’ll ultimately go missing?

You can buy hoops like Khloé’s on the Claire’s official website for under €20, such as these beauties for just €12.99.


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Most of us haven’t stepped foot inside a Claire’s shop since the early 2000s, but we can only expect the accessories retailer will be flooded with old customers after Khloé’s latest revelation. Our wallets will be thanking us!

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