Khloe Kardashian Has “Incredibly Rare” Tumour Removed From Face

Khloe warned fans following the discovery.


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Khloe Kardashian has encouraged fans to attend regular check ups with their doctors after needing to have an “incredibly rare” tumour removed from her face.

The reality star initially thought the tumour was a “zit,” but after it failed to go away she contacted her dermatologist and was informed that it was an “incredibly rare” tumour, and that it would need to be removed.

Khloe also addressed the reason why she had been spotted wearing a bandage on her cheek at many events in recent weeks.

“I was told I need to have an immediate operation to remove a tumor on my face,” she said on Instagram, while sharing a collage of images of her sporting the bandage.

“I’m grateful to share that Dr. Fischer was able to get everything – all my margins appear clear and now we are onto the healing process.”

Khloe went on to say that she shared the story to encourage others to get checked when concerned about changes in their bodies.

“I am ONLY sharing this story with you so I can remind everyone to get checked, and frequently,” she said. “At 19 years old, I had melanoma on my back, and I had a surgery to remove that as well, so I am pre-composed to melanomas.

“Even those who are not, we should be checking all the time. I am someone who wears sunscreen every single day, religiously so no one is exempt from these things. Please take this seriously and do regular self-exams as well as your annual checkups.”

She added: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Try not to judge and be kind for you have no idea what they are going through.”


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