Kim and Kris Are Receiving A Lot Of Backlash For Their Latest Business Venture

Another day, another kardash drama



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News has come today that Kim and her mam, Kris are launching their very first-ever collab, launching a new fragrance inspired by the unconditional love between mother and daughter.

Yeah, we’re not sure what that smells like either, but if money can be made from it you better believe the Kar-Jen’s are on it.

But, if you do want to know what it smells like, apparently it’s “a timeless, woody, white floral” scent.

Right, glad we know that now.

Kim took to social media to announce the KKW X KJ collab, tweeting:

“My mom @KrisJenner & I are so excited to announce the launch of KKW x KRIS, our first-ever @kkwfragrance collaboration.”

“A woody, white floral fragrance with the freshness of freesia, creamy white gardenia, and tuberose at the heart – I know you will love wearing it as much as I do,” she said.

Immediately, fans kind of got offended by the business venturing, pointing her plugging out to be ‘tone-deaf’ and tbh, they’re not entirely wrong.

Many fans pointed out that people around the globe are currently losing their jobs, taking pay cuts and can’t leave their houses, making there be virtually no point in smelling nice.

“Not the time Kim,” said one.

While another tweeted: “Kim I appreciate your hustle but right now is not the time to launch new products. We are in a pandemic, 7 million of us are currently unemployed….. right now worried about losing my apartment, not being able to feed my family……”

But, the people spoke and Kim got the message, later announcing that the fragrance brand will be donating 20% of profits on sales from one day to Bless in Back Pack, an organisation which provides food on the weekend to children across America.

Well, that’s something anyway.

Although Kim and Kris’s perfume launch may be ill-timed, their timing with the newest series of KUWTK and Kim’s new series The Justice Project kind of couldn’t be more perfect.

It really is true, the devil works hard by Kris Jenner works harder.



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