Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Made This Tourist’s Trip Unforgettable

Kite or Pim?


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What’s a holiday without sightseeing? That’s why every great city has one major tourist attraction. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Sydney has their iconic opera house, and London’s got Big Ben. But it seems LA’s newest tourist attraction might rival them all because LA has Kim and Pete.

Ok, so no, unfortunately, there isn’t a massive Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson statue in the City of Angels (well, not yet, at least!) But the new couple did make one tourist’s trip pretty memorable.

Dutch music journalist Paul Barewijk ran into the pair while having breakfast in his hotel. Determined to make the most out of his trip, he ventured over for a chat and cheeky photo with the stars. Kim and Pete were more than happy to meet him and took time out of their busy lives to pose for pics.


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Paul was obviously thrilled and talked to People about the chance encounter. While having tea with his mother, Paul noticed Pete across the room.

As he put it, “All of the sudden I looked to my right and saw Pete Davidson, I talked further with my mom and then I thought, ‘Who is he talking with?’ Because I know the latest dating rumours. And so, it was Kim Kardashian!”

But of course, one does not simply approach Kim and Pete. Luckily Paul had a brilliant ice breaker. He had just been to Kim’s KKW beauty brand pop-up shop and took some photos with Kim’s poster. So he showed her the pictures to get the conversation started.

Obviously, a once in a lifetime encounter like this needs to be documented, so Paul asked for a picture with Kim. “I asked her for a photo. She said, ‘Okay, sure,’ and I asked Pete to take the photo. So he did. We took two photos.” Pete the papps, love it!

But Pete wasn’t just the photographer. He also posed for a quick snap with Paul. “I told him that people in The Netherlands like him because of SNL, so.. selfie? He took it!”

The encounter was obviously incredible, and Paul even got some insights into the relationship during it. He said, “They looked happy, sat close to each other and walked away together, it looked like a date to me,”


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The pair are rumoured to have started seeing each other in October of this year, after Kim’s appearance on Pete’s show SNL. Later that same month the pair were seen holding hands on a rollarcoster while out with Kim’s sister Kourtney and her beau Travis Barker.

As if things weren’t bizarre enough already, the pair made it Instagram official with a snap of Kim, Pete, Kim’s mum Kris Jenner, and Flavor Flav celebrating Pete’s birthday…while in matching jammies!

Take it momager Kris approves if she’s matching her PJs to Pete’s.

Words by Sláine McKenna

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