Kim Kardashian ‘Worried’ About Kanye West’s Presidential Run

Over the weekend, Kanye West announced that he's running for president this year.


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Right, so it looks like Kanye West is apparently hoping to run for president. Despite telling WSJ. Magazine earlier this year that he wasn’t registered to vote and does not follow politics, the 43-year-old fashion designer made a statement on Twitter last night (Sunday) announcing his plans to run for president and yeah, it certainly ruffled a few feathers.

Not only are people wary of the fact Kanye openly supports current president Donald Trump, others feared the idea of another celebrity in power, while Kim Kardashian is most definitely fearing the rise in fame; if that’s even possible.

As running for president is something Kanye has been talking about for several years now, Kim spoke about how she was “worried her past could be weaponised” if she was to take on the First Lady role.

“Look at all the awful things they’re doing to Melania [Trump], putting up the naked photos [of her],” (she said, referring to a photoshoot from British GQ, 2000)

“I’ll say to Kanye: ‘Babe, you know the kind of photos they’d put up of me! ‘” Kim told Wonderland magazine in 2016.


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Also addressing the fact that Kanye’s run will be “confusing” for people, Kim noted that “she doesn’t want to put words in his mouth” as she doesn’t know what side he will run for although, believes it would be for the democrats despite his support of Trump.

Last year, Kim told the New York Times that she would never run for president herself as she believes it would be the “most stressful job ever”. Kim was also hoping for her family to move to their mega $14 million ranch in Wyoming on a full time capacity but now, with Kanye’s announcement, could these dreams of a slower pace be put on hold?

In support of his decision and announcement yesterday (Sunday), Kim retweeted Kanye’s statement with an American flag however, has not given any further comment.

All will be revealed soon, I suppose.


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