TikTok Star Lauren Whelan Teases Exciting New Projects

"I am going to keep that on the DL"

Lauren Whelan

Lauren Whelan Pic: Brian McEvoy

Could we see Lauren Whelan on our TV screens?

Well, she’s keeping tight-lipped about what she’s up to next but it looks like it’s something very exciting.

We caught up with the influencer on the red carpet at this year’s Hayu STELLAR InstaStar Awards where she teases some on-screen appearances.

Lauren Whelan Pic: Kieran Harnett

However, when we ask her about it, she coyly says: “I am going to keep that on the DL… who knows… I hope so.”

Okay, so she won’t reveal too much. But in her ideal world, what show would she like to be on?

“Dancing With The Stars. That is what I want to do. Hello… cough cough… I want to do Dancing With The Stars!!” she says quickly.

“It’s just always something I’ve watched and would love to do, but I am not a star, who am I to think I can go on that? But I would love to do it.”

As for her other plans, she quickly says: “I’m not up to much now. That’s such a lie, I’m going to New York on Monday. I keep forgetting, I’m like, ‘No I’m not, oh actually yeah I am’. I’m going to Fashion Week as well in London.”

She’s practically bouncing with excitement as she chats about her plans. She has had a whirlwind few years, in fairness. It must be hard to wrap her head around it all.

“It is kind of weird because it has changed in some ways and in other ways, it hasn’t. I’m still a young girl from Carlow, I went to college and did all that normal stuff, but obviously, my life is a bit different,” she admits.

“I’m so blessed to have both ends of it, I can still do all the normal stuff, I have such an amazing job and such amazing people around me. I’m just so grateful.”

Well, we’d absolutely love to see Lauren strut her stuff on Dancing With The Stars!