Local Businesswoman Reveals Patrick Dempsey Has Been Staying At Her Home

The Hollywood actor has been spending time in Ireland to shoot his new movie.

Olivia Burns from Coleraine, Co Derry just revealed that she has been hosting the one and only Dr McDreamy during his stay in Northern Ireland.

Admitting that the star spent two weeks in her home, Olivia confessed that Patrick Dempsey has been residing there while taking in the beautiful countryside and preparing for his role in the Disney sequel to Enchanted, Disenchanted, which also stars Amy Adams.

“The secret is out! We have been hosting the fabulous Patrick Dempsey for the last 2 weeks as he prepares to star in his exciting new Disney film, Disenchanted,” explained Olivia.

As a local businesswoman with her own Coleraine-based home fragrance brand, Olivia admitted it was surreal to go to work and see McDreamy everyday, admitting that she also enjoyed “daily chats” with the heartthrob. Us, jealous… absolutely.

While staying in Northern Ireland we see that Patrick has been taking in all beautiful scenery, including plenty of green fields and snaps with a donkey called Neddy, I mean, can you get more quintessential than that?


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With production still underway on the Disney set which is being built in Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow, it looks like the actor could now be heading in that direction as he bids farewell to Olivia and her divine property.

“We are sad to see him go today but loved having him to stay and wish Patrick lots of luck with his new film, we can’t wait to see it!” Olivia added.

Well, if Patrick fancies a trip to Dublin, just saying, we’ve got plenty of space at ours! We’re so excited to see more movie updates from this major production and of course, keep an eye on our Insta @stellarmagazine to keep updated on the latest goss!