Louise McSharry Talks Her Love Of Podcasting & Her Parenting Style

Louise McSharry Pic: Brian McEvoy

Louise McSharry is a busy woman but “happily busy”.

She’s killing it with her podcast, The Catch Up, travelling around the country with her live shows and also parenting two young boys seven-year-old Sam and four-year-old Ted.

Speaking to us at the Hayu STELLAR InstaStar Awards, she tells us: “The podcast is the main thing. I have been doing a lot of live shows right now. I never thought that would be part of what I do. So it’s a really exciting thing for me. That’s really fun. And I’m doing my bits of writing. I’m busy, but happily busy.”

While her podcast has taken off since she launched it last year, she admits that she never thought about how big it could get.

Louise McSharry Pic: Brian McEvoy

“I’m a very much in the moment person. Probably because I have ADHD. So I didn’t think of where it would go. But I always wanted to do live shows,” she explains.

“I’ve done Blind Boy’s podcast a few times as a guest. I always thought it would be fun and it is fun. Podcasting is so special because you build a community and you get your people in a room with you. It’s really exciting. I’m obsessed with the people who listen to me!”

As well as speaking about what happened in the world that week, she also speaks about her own experiences on her podcast – including her parenting style.

Louise has always been open with her sons about the world, bringing them to Pride Marches over the summer and discussing the realities of life with her sons.

Louise McSharry Pic: Brian McEvoy

“My experience of parenting is that you think about everything you do. Except the things you’re not proud of, like when you lose your temper. I definitely considered it. But even if I didn’t, I think this is how I would parent because that’s just who I am,” she says simply.

“I really want my children to contribute positively to the world. I think being respectful and open-minded to other people is a part of that.”

We absolutely love Louise for this!


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