Love Island’s Brett Asked Producers To Cut A Certain Scene From Airing

He was afraid he had overshared while talking to fellow Islanders.


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Brett Staniland is talking about his experience post-villa.

The fashionable Islander who was coupled up with Priya Gopaladas during his short stint on the show has been sharing with fans what it’s like to come out of the villa and be met with newfound fame.

Explaining that nobody can ever really prepare you for what it’s like when you leave the villa and see what people have been saying about you, the 27-year-old admits that he had to go to the producers at one stage after he was afraid he shared too much when having a deep conversation with some of the Islanders.

As you can imagine, a lot of the cameras are well hidden in the Love Island villa, leading the Islanders to be more themselves, more brazen, more open and thus, create more drama, but when Brett felt like he wanted to protect some personal information he shared, he noted that the producers were very kind.


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Speaking on his IGTV alongside friend Chelsea McGehee, Brett spoke about the incident saying:

“There was one thing that I was conscious of that I shared, and I literally went to see the psychiatrist and went to see production and I was like: ‘I’m really adamant on this not being shown, please,'” Brett explained.

“They did what they could. They were like, ‘yeah, we’ve got the conversation, it’s not going to be aired, you’ve got nothing to worry about.’

“It gave me peace of mind.”


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Adding that the Islanders speak with a psychiatrist constantly during the show, Brett admitted that he found the aftercare from the production team great and was happy with how consistent the help was Рif needed.

“They were great with me and helped me realise how I am with sharing stuff like that. So, it was good, they’re on hand all the time.”

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