Love Island’s Chuggs Admits Islander He’d Love To Couple Up With After Villa Dumping

The new bombshell was shown the door after just two days on the show.


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Love Island’s Chuggs ‘Oliver’ Wallis was dumped from the villa on Monday night after new girl Rachel decided to couple up with Brad over him, leaving him packing his bags and exiting the show.

After only arriving 48 hours prior to his departure, it was a quick stint for Chuggs, who could have potentially been in the villa for a total of eight weeks.

Chatting about his brief, yet fun time in the villa, the 23-year-old revealed that there’s no hard feelings with Rachel choosing Brad and also revealed the Islander he’d actually love to couple up with… and it’s not who you’d expect.

“Liberty would be the one I’d most go for out of everyone in there,” revealed Chuggs. “I chatted to her, but she likes Jake. And Jake is such a nice guy. I think out of everyone in there, those two will go the distance.”


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Continuing, Chuggs also revealed a Love Island secret before heading back to the UK, noting that all the boys in the villa brought white jeans but they’re too scared to wear them.

After the Love Island ladies revealed they thought white jeans were a turn off in an early episode, Chuggs revealed that there’s been a white jean “curse” in the villa with nobody wearing theirs.

“They’re just not wearing them because there’s been a bit of that ‘boys and white jeans’ thing going on,” Chuggs revealed. “Hugo was wearing white jeans one night and he took them off, he didn’t want to be the first one to wear them. So, I was just like, I’ll be the first one and open it up for everyone else. They ALL have them.”

Now, packing his bags and heading home, there is talks that Chuggs could be returning to Casa Amor, as there was with Shannon when she was sent packing last week, however, it looks as though it’s all specualtion.


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Nevertheless, Chuggs admitted he’d love a second shot in the villa, saying:

“I’d go back after more bombshells have gone in. Casa Amor would be the perfect time to go back in.”

Love Island returns to Virgin Media One, tonight at 9pm.


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