Matt Damon Reveals That Lockdown In Dalkey Is Like ‘Living A Fairytale’

And he also shed some thoughts on our Taoiseach.


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If you were ever worried about how Matt Damon was getting on during lockdown, after getting stuck in Dublin once the travel restrictions first went into place in March, you can rest assured, because he’s doing just fine.

The Bourne Identity star has created a grand ‘ol life for himself in Dalkey. Having been spotted heading to the bookshop, one of the village’s cute little cafes, the sea and SuperValu, Matt has turned into quite the Dub.

Explaining that Ireland is one of the most beautiful places he has ever been, Matt spoke to SPIN1038 this morning, explaining how much he laughed when he heard that the people of Dalkey were protecting him from international press. This comes after the New York Times published a story about “a seaside village” adopting the Hollywood actor.

“I know, I heard this story, laughed so hard and that’s when I realised how great this place was, and how protective everybody here is,” revealed the 49-year-old.

“You joined the group for one day before they found you out and booted you out, which is great!”

And with Bono as a close by neighbour and “trees, forests and oceans” within his two kilometre radius, Matt says he almost feels guilty for having such a good quarantine setup.


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“So we feel guilty, we’ve got this kind of incredible set up in this place, it’s just absolutely gorgeous.

“Even in the lockdown, they’re like you’ve gotta stay within two kilometres of your house, I mean two kilometres of here there’s trees and forests and woods and oceans.

“I can’t think of any place else you’d rather want to be in a two kilometre radius of”.

Continuing, the star called Leo Vradkar a “badass” for his ongoing work. Revealing that he think it’s incredible that he’s gone back to practice medicine and help out in the hospitals – the Contagion star had massive respect for our Taoiseach.

As for when Matt hopes to leave Dalkey? The star revealed that although they’re meant to be done shooting now, he’s going to stay in Dublin until the end of the school year so that his children can continue getting homeschooled here by a teacher that travelled with them.

Matt, who was supposed to travel back to New York City with his family, is aware of the situation stateside and so, very grateful for the way things are being handled here.

“It’s so peaceful here and everybody’s handling it so well. You walk down the street, everybody’s minding all the guidelines.”

Adding that he’s a very pleasant neighbour, Bono noted that there’s one thing that has been annoying him, “all of the locals here have voted him ‘sexiest man in Dalkey’ which I find offensive,” he chimed in. You love to see it.

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