Maura Higgins Leaves Her Bed For First Time In 3 Days As She Recovers From Sickness

This is why she's been M.I.A.


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What is life without our daily dose of the hilarious and fab Miss Maura Higgins? Well, over the past few days, we found out, as the former Love Islander hadn’t been posting to social media as usual. But now Maura is explaining her unexpected absence.

Taking to her IG story, the model revealed she had been seriously ill for the past couple of days.

Posting a pic of her drawing a bath, she captioned it, “After three full days in bed, I finally have the energy to wash myself. (Disgusting I know) I don’t think I have ever been so unwell.”

Followed by a snap of her bowl of cereal, Maura continued: “For those of you who live on your own, what do you eat when you are too ill to cook? I’ve been living off cereal.”


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Finally, the Love Islander opened up about how she’s now feeling – on the road to recovery, by saying, “This is the first time for me to be out of bed in I don’t know how long.

“If you’re wondering what the noise is, it’s a fan because the sweat that’s protruding out through my body, I can’t even explain it.”

Continuing on, she adds: “If I’ve not lost a stone from this illness, I’d be shocked.”

But in typical Irish mammy style, Maura’s mother Sharon was quick to cheer her up. Maura revealed that her mum had sent her a lovely bouquet of flowers. Sharing a snap of the gift, she captioned it, “My mammy always putting a smile on my face.”

Maura and Sharon are incredibly close, and Maura recently revealed how her mum helped following backlash over her weight.


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Following trolls saying she was “too skinny”, Maura opened up to her mum. Explaining to The Sun, “Mammies do have the best advice. I tell mine everything, and I mean everything. There’s nothing I don’t tell her.

“I’ve always spoken to my mammy about it and asked, why is it OK for people to turn around to your face and say ‘God, you’re too skinny?’”

Revealing that her mum encourages her to ignore rude comments and live her life. Dead right.

Words by Sláine McKenna

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