Maya Jama On Why She’s Taking A Much Needed Break From Social Media

She recommended that anyone who is struggling with online content right now to do the same.


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Let’s face it, the world has been so overwhelming lately, and just downright TOUGH, it turns out that, of course, celebs are feeling overwhelmed by it all too. TV and radio presenter Maya Jama has announced she is taking a break from social media, deleting the apps from her phone and letting her management take over her accounts for work-related posts.

Taking to Twitter to explain her decision to fans and followers, Maya said, “Deleted social media apps from my phone for a few days to let my mind breathe and my management have been on here instead..” She then urged her followers to do the same if they’re also struggling, “a gentle reminder to anyone feeling overwhelmed, low or triggered by things they are seeing online right now id recommend having a social media break too.”

She then also posted the tweet to her Instagram Stories, explaining that her management will be taking over, “My team will be posting/ reposting work related things for a little while Brb x”.

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This comes just days after Maya spoke to The Guardian about the murder of her childhood boyfriend aged just 16, saying, “That changed my life completely. Losing somebody close to you as a teenager, particularly your first love, rocks your whole world and you are forced to see life differently.”

Let’s face it, we all need a break from endlessly scrolling through social media every now and again, so if you’re feeling like it’s all getting a bit much, remember it’s always okay to take a bit of time for yourself.


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