Remember When Kim Kardashian’s Fridge Broke The Internet? Now You Can Have A Proper Look Inside

"Having an industrial fridge is a game-changer!"

Kim Kardashian broke the internet a few weeks ago when fans couldn’t stop talking about her fridge. Posing in front of it, it looked completely empty.

Kim did however take to Instagram to then give a tour of her multiple fridges in her gigantic kitchen, is it just us or does it look like the kitchen from that scene in Jurassic Park?

If you didn’t know already Kourtney Kardashian has her very own lifestyle website called, Poosh (basically just Goop for fans of the Kardashian’s).

Today she referenced the internet’s obsession with her sister’s fridge and shared a whole post about it, including lots of pictures.

Although we got a little tour of her giant walk-in fridge on her stories, now we can see it up close and personal. You may be asking why do we care what she has in her fridge?

We know it’s a little sad, but for someone has famous as Kim there is something fascinating about it. Plus it’s not too dis-similar to when they opened the fridge and showed you the inside in Cribs.

Kim shared with Poosh; “Having an industrial fridge is a game-changer! It’s a restaurant-size kitchen, with lots of appliances and pots and pans, so we can fully cook at all times and always be prepared for our family and guests.”

So what’s in there? According to Kim she is now eating a plant based diet so you can see lots of her pre-prepared plant based meals in lunch boxes ready to go.

All of their fruit and vegetables are organic with Kim sharing that they are trying to grow as much as possible on their property. Something tells us Kim isn’t getting down and dirty in the vegetable patch herself though.

This is giving us some serious fridge-envy. Especially as we know all that’s in ours is half a bottle of wine and some cheese.


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