Retro Flame Reveals She’s ‘Seriously Grateful’ To Celebrate 29th Birthday In NYC

Irish blogger Erika Fox decided to stay in New York throughout the pandemic with her boyfriend Tommy O'Callaghan.



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Erika Fox (Retro Flame) is looking back on an eventful couple of days in New York City, celebrating turning 29.

Starting the celebrations with a trip to the Hamptons, Erika explained that although this year is a strange one and there’s a lot of pressing issues going on in the world, she still believes it’s important to mark important occasions and milestones in any way possible.

“None of us know what’s ahead so it’s a reminder to be grateful for another year. Life is so short! Missing my family but looking forward to spending this one with my New York Gang,” explained Erika.


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Continuing with the birthday festivities into the weekend, the 29-year-old held a small party back in NYC, wearing a divine blue slip dress from Australian brand, Beginning Boutique.

Explaining that it was nice to get to spend this birthday with her boyfriend as they were apart last year when she was travelling with her family, Erika noted that she’s feeling “seriously grateful” to get to celebrate with her loved ones.

“Looking back on all my photos today and feeling seriously grateful to have such thoughtful people in my life. Absolutely spoilt rotten by all my gang here in New York (& at home).”


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Deciding to stay in New York and not return home to Kerry during the pandemic wasn’t an easy decision for Erika to make, however, as she has lived in NYC for over four years now, she believed it was best to stay where she works and lives for the time being.

Having her sister Kaelin and boyfriend Tommy with her definitely makes things a whole lot better, Erika previously explained in a IG Q&A, but she did admit that homesickness pangs hit hard every so often, as it has been over five months since Erika has seen her parents and dog.

Concluding, Erika explained that she hopes to get home for Christmas, fingers crossed.


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