Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald Finally Addresses Rumours About ‘Fake’ Wedding To Romain Bonnet

The real estate agent broke her silence after speculation started to mount online.


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As we wait in anticipation for season four of Selling Sunset, we’re still not over the hype of season three and all the drama it brought with it.

From tears to fights, splits to spats, there was a lot to take in and it’s clear that fans are still trying to process all the chaos that went on. But aside from that, many stories have broke since the filming for season three ended. From Brett leaving to ¬†Christine admitting “many” of the realtors have felt the same, to then Chrissy Teigen’s tweet questioning their legitimacy and let’s not forget, news that Mary and Romain actually married two years before their TV wedding.

All of this and more made fans start to question the show asking “is it actually real?”


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And although we’ve heard since from the realtors that everything is in fact real, with Oppenheim Group head, Jason admitting he wishes the show focused more on their work, Mary Fitzgerald has broken her silence on her “staged wedding”.

Explaining that she did in fact marry Romain earlier than the wedding in a civil ceremony, Mary said:

“We just signed the paper for personal reasons and then we wanted to wait until we could have our real wedding.

“Romain’s never been married before. A wedding didn’t mean that much to me. I was happy to just go on a beach in Bali and I tried very hard to do that actually. No cameras, no anything, just our closest friends,” she told Fubar radio.

However, when it came to actually having a wedding for their friends and family, Mary confirmed that the wedding shown on TV was the official wedding celebration and that everything filmed was 100 percent real life.


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“Our wedding was absolutely real. We invited all of our friends and family.”

Continuing, Mary added that she’s over people questioning the show’s authenticity.

“It’s not that big of a deal. They’re like, ‘the show’s fake, this is all fake’.¬†We’re like, ‘what are you talking about? You see all of our family! How can you fake that?’ That was our wedding! People sign a certificate all the time before they do their actual wedding.”

And when it comes to a fourth season, that we’re all so ready for, Mary noted that it’s a waiting game for them, but they’ve their fingers crossed it will get picked up.

“It’s done so much better than season one and two, so we’re pretty certain it’s going to but we don’t have the green light just yet.”

Bring it on.