Sharon Stone Gets Blocked (And Then Unblocked) On Bumble

Stars! They're just like us....

Even though we’re overflowing with people who have returned home for Christmas, Bumble is a hellish landscape for most of us to navigate but imagine what it’s like to use Bumble when you’re very, very famous.

The legend, the icon that is Sharon Stone felt the full wrath of Bumble misery when her account was suspended due to  complaints from several users that her profile was fake.

The Basic Instinct actress was obviously horrified and tweeted Bumble asking them if being herself was against the Bumble code of honour.

“Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me! Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary?”

The suspension of her profile is a result of Bumble trying to crack down on fake profiles and, naturally, if you were scrolling through, you’d be very surprised to see a celebrity out in the wild like that.


Within a few hours of Sharon’s tweet, Bumble’s editorial director reached out to say that they had unblocked her account and that she hopes that Sharon finds her honey. When you phrase it like that…



“In light of our mix up with Sharon Stone, we’d like to extend an invitation for her to come to Austin and allow us to host her at the hive for a few hours of profile prep,” the company said later in a statement.

Sharon, may you have more success than the rest of us have ever had with that app in this coming year.

Bumble hard, Bumble often.