‘Sh*t, Sh*t!’ Adele’s Reaction To Forgetting Her Own Lyrics On Stage Was Peak Adele

Not a bother on her.

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Adele is the queen of Not Being Bothered, and we love how she’s managed to carve out a career as a global superstar without really buying into the fame game.

Sure, she wears custom Burberry for her concerts and is on a strict touring diet to keep her as healthy as possible, but she always seems 100% game for a laugh despite all of the hype surrounding her.

Case in point is this moment from her concert in Lisbon over the weekend, when she managed to mix up the verse and chorus to her song Million Years Ago, and still stayed as chill as anything.

After starting to sing a line from the first verse, the singer stopped and shouted ‘Sh*t, wrong words, sh*t, sh*t,’ while busting a gut laughing.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you that Adele is the least diva-like diva out there, here’s another clip of her forgetting her lyrics in Denmark earlier this month (from 0:50):

Could we love this woman any more?


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