So, Jack Whitehall Is Quarantined With Leo DiCaprio’s Supermodel Ex Roxy Horner

There are worse ways to isolate

If social media tells us anything, it’s that some people are enjoying quarantine a little more than others.

One person who we reckon is absolutely making the most of his isolation, is none other than English comedian Jack Whitehall.

The 31-year-old is currently isolating with Essex gal Roxy Horner, who, get this, has been previously linked with the casanova, Leonardo DiCaprio, which in fairness, who hasn’t been these days, but still, impressive none the less.

Apparently the two had made their relationship offiish juuuust before lockdown, meaning that the two now have no choice but to make things work for the foreseeable at least.

A source close to the pair told The Sun:

“Jack and Roxy are enjoying being in isolation together. It’s all very new but they’re in their own little bubble and things are perfect at the moment.”

“Being on lockdown in a honeymoon period is certainly one way to get to know each other quickly.

“But the more time they spend together the happier they seem.”


Jack split up with his girlfriend, actress Gemma Chan, back in 2017 after dating for six years. While Roxy also recently broke up with her long-term partner, singer Jake Bugg, who she dated for 2 years.

Since Jack’s split, he has been linked to a string of other famous ladies, including Kate Beckinsale, Brookly Beckham’s ex Hana Cross, and Kirsty Gallacher.

So, it certainly looks like Jack has been a busy boy in recent years, but we’re hoping that he holds onto this Roxy gal because she’s absolutely gawwwjus, and if she’s from Essex she’s bound to be a bit of craic too, winner!