So Kim And Kanye Are Apparently ‘Staying At Opposite Ends Of The House’ During Lockdown

Well, it wouldn't be hard in a house that size, now would it?


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Could you imagine trying to live in opposite sides of the house to your partner? Nah. You’d be bumping into each other trying to make tea, banging at the bathroom door when they’re taking an abnormally long shower, and just getting in each other’s way – all while trying to stay out of each other’s way. No, it just wouldn’t work. But it does seem to work for Kim and Kanye, but let’s face it, you could probably go for days without seeing anyone in a house that size.

Self-isolating with their four children, Kim and Kanye have reportedly been “staying at opposite ends of the house to keep things civil,” during lockdown. “Kim and Kanye are arguing and at each other’s throats during this pandemic,” a source told The Sun.

They added, “Kim is getting stir crazy, as she’s used to being on the go. It’s also a lot of time alone with the kids for her. She is frustrated with Kanye and thinks he’s not pulling his weight in family responsibilities. They’ve been staying at opposite ends of the house to keep things civil.”

Despite these reports of tension, a source told Hollywood Life earlier this month that Kim and Kanye are “solid” after it was revealed that Kanye took the kids to their Wyoming home to give Kim a break.


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“Kim really needed a break and some alone time so Kanye took the kids away to give her one,” the source revealed. “She loves the kids so much, but like any mom, she just needed time to herself. She needed a break from the kids and the screaming,” they continued.

They then added, “Despite reports, there are no issues in their marriage. They’re solid. They’re totally fine and doing great as a couple. It frustrates them to see otherwise. Just like any mom, Kim too needs time for herself.”

Well, that makes a whole lot of sense, to be fair.


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