Spencer Matthews Bravely Confesses How Wedding Day To Vogue Williams Was Almost Ruined

Spencer reminisces on when habits in his life needed to change, for the better.

Spencer Matthews has shared how his dependency on alcohol in the past very nearly ruined his wedding day to wife Vogue Williams.

Speaking candidly to The Sunday Times, Spencer shared what happened on his wedding day to Vogue back in 2018. Almost missing the service, Spencer and Kate Middleton’s younger brother James took a small paddleboat around the family’s estate, Glen Affric, mistiming their adventure.

“I was still drinking when we got married in 2018 up in Glen Affric in Scotland, so there was plenty of champagne and whisky at the wedding.

“I took a paddleboard out on the loch in the morning with James Middleton. We mistimed it and only got in 15 minutes before the service.”

Shortly after his mishap, Spencer realised that a change in his lifestyle was needed. Vowing to put his wife and their children first Spencer gave up drinking before welcoming his first child Theodore into the world.

“Typically, in my life, I have been a selfish individual and I feel less selfish with her, particularly now that we have children. I try my best to put the kids first.”

“When Vogue was pregnant with Theodore, my casual drinking had to stop”

Since then, Spencer has kept to his word and remained sober since 2018. Setting up his no and low alcohol brand, CleanCo, producing alcohol-free spirits such as ‘gin’ and ‘rum’ which taste just like the real deal, but without the sore head the next day.

Supporting Spencer and his decision to quit the booze, wife Vogue says that their life has never been better together.

“Drinking’s not really a part of our lives anymore, which is a good thing,” she said.

“I think it was important for him to stop drinking. He came to the realisation himself but I definitely encouraged it… It was affecting his productivity and his focus. It’s been a positive thing for our relationship.”


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