Spencer Matthews Opens Up About Potential Move To Howth

Spencer and Vogue revamped their Dublin property over lockdown.

Spencer Matthews recently discussed whether or not he could see himself living in Dublin while on Ireland AM.

Discussing how his wife and Howth native, Vogue Williams, adores the seaside town, Spencer confessed that he too, has come around to the idea of potentially settling there.

Admitting that he’s not going to “close the door” on the idea, Spencer noted that although London suits the pair right now for work, he could see them moving to Howth in time to come.

“We’ve got a place up the hill in Howth, which is absolutely beautiful, we come when we can. We’re never gonna close the door on that possibility.

“I think where we are currently, with our careers, it probably makes more sense to be in London just for now. But the door will never be shut.”

“Vogue, in particular, is very attached to Howth, which is where she grew up, which I think is wonderful,” he continued.

Revamping their Howth property over lockdown, Vogue spent almost two years away from Dublin before she got to return home and visit her new place alongside Spencer and children Theodore (3) and Gigi (1).


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Speaking to VIP Magazine during lockdown, she said, “I really miss home, I feel quite sad about it to be honest. I’m so used to getting back to Ireland every couple of weeks and I haven’t been home in almost a year.

“I miss friends, family and just being at home, but I have to remind myself that people are having a much tougher time than me. I’ll get there and when I do you won’t be able to get rid of me!”

Using their Howth home as a base for when they’re back in Dublin, the pair are often flying between Ireland and the UK, and now that all restrictions have lifted, we hope to see them here more throughout the year.

Vogue and Spencer are due to welcome their third child together later this month.

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