The Internet Is Not Happy With Khloe Kardashian After Her Latest Prank On Kourtney

Another day, another Kardashian drama.


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Another day, another Kardashian drama. At least they’re keeping us occupied, with a bit of light-hearted news, right? We’ve all seen this prank before, in movies and even in a previous episode of KUWTK. But Khloe Kardashian is facing a lot of backlash online after pranking Kourtney over the weekend.

We’ve all seen the Kardashians cover each other’s houses in toilet paper in the reality tv series before, but granted, not in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Khloe jokingly threw toilet paper all over Kourtney’s house with help from her nephew Mason. Posting a video of the prank, Khloe said it was the most “excitement” she’s had in months, while Kris also shared a video of Kourtney’s place and said, “who’d you p*ss off?”


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There are people who actually need toilet paper right now and Auntie KoKo and Mason are out here wasting it. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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While it may have been a bit gas pre-pandemic, fans took to Twitter to call the Kardashians out about wasting a serious amount of toilet paper, while there’s a shortage of pretty much everything.

Although it hasn’t been ALL bad feedback for aul’ Khlo, after she was praised for buying elderly people their food shopping. According to reports by TMZ, she spent some time last month visiting shops in LA, to buy elderly people’s food shopping for them. Fair play to you for that Khloe, but maybe think twice when you’re planning on throwing toilet paper around next time, eh?


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