This Is Why People Thought Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Got Married In Secret

Zayn's collaborator Ingrid Michaelson spilled the TEA, sis.


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Okay, this could be pretty big news. Rumour has it that Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have secretly got married, according to Ingrid Michaelson who recently collaborated on a song with Zayn. Ingrid seemed to announce the news in an interview, sending Twitter into a bit of a meltdown.

Ingrid referred to Zayn and Gigi as being married on a live stream, afterwards, she took to her IG stories to say that it had been a mistake, that the pair aren’t married – but by then Twitter had already blown up.

During the live, Ingrid also spoke about creating her track, To Begin Again, with Zayn, despite never actually meeting him.

“We’ve never met, I’ve never spoken to him. Zayn doesn’t do stuff he doesn’t wanna do, and the fact that he did this song is very flattering,” she explained. “He’s such a private person and now he’s married and has a child so, he does the things he wants to do.


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“Luckily he wanted to do To Begin Again,” she continued. “I hope we do meet one day so I can thank him in person, but I will respect his private ways because I feel very fortunate so many people are hearing it that would have never heard it without him lending his gorgeous voice to it.”

Of course, ‘Zayn is married’ started trending on Twitter, kicking everything off.

But on her Instagram stories, Ingrid then explained: “Okay, so I talked about my new song featuring Zayn on my Patreon live stream and I might have said he was married, I was wrong.”

She continued, “He is not married. All of you Zayn fans I’m so sorry to have brought you on this rollercoaster of emotions, I was mistaken. He’s not married, I’m so sorry.”

Neither Zayn or Gigi have commented on anything, but Ingrid clarifying that it was just a mistake sounds like everything just got out of hand too quickly.

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