Victoria Beckham In Hysterics Over ‘Kind’ Gift From Justin Bieber

'It's the thought that counts...'


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Justin Bieber may be one of the world’s biggest influencers when it comes to music and style, but even the Biebs himself can’t convince everyone into wearing something chosen by him, even if he goes to the trouble of personally sending it out for free.

Yep, it appears it’ll take a bit more convincing to persuade the one and only Victoria Beckham into joining a fashion trend that’s not her taste, as she laughed at a recent package she received from the Peaches star earlier this week, admitting through the giggles that it was the “thought that counts”.

Well, that’s a sharp refusal if we’ve ever heard one.

Sending her a pair of Crocs from a collab with Justin and BFF Ryan Good’s brand Drew House, the pair of shoes are certainly not something you’d usually see VB strutting around in, as the designer admitted herself.

“I’ve never owned a pair of Crocs, they did make me laugh – I mean, it is the thought that counts thank you so much. Am, yeah, I’m not quite sure what to say about this, but thank you, it’s very sweet,” the 47-year-old continued.

The Crocs which are lilac in colour and covered in little characters and retailed for around €70 before selling out online.

As a big fan of Crocs, Victoria’s son Romeo Beckham is often seen sporting a pair alongside his girlfriend Mia Moocher, as well as supporting Justin’s brand, with the pair being good friends.


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Receiving the Crocs and seeming a little more inclined to wear them was Victoria’s husband David Beckham who thanked Justin for the shoes.

Well, have you been converted to join the Croc trend yet?

You can hear out thoughts on Crocs on the first episode of The Skim podcast below! 


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