Vogue Williams Rules Out Doing More TV Shows With Spencer Matthews

The Howth native confessed it's just not her cup of tea.


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Vogue Williams has revealed she’ll “never in a million years” work on another reality show with her husband Spencer Matthews.

Following the arrival of their first born, Theodore, the pair first allowed cameras into their London home in 2019 to document their lives as new parents.

In a second season, the show followed their lavish nuptials as they said ‘I do’, surrounded by all their family and friends.

While she enjoyed it at the time, Vogue admits they’d never do it again.

“We did that TV show together and honestly, never in a million years would I do that again.

“When I look now, I’m like how did I do that? And with a baby,” she said at the virtual Life On Line event.

Instead, the pair will focus on their self-titled podcast going forward.


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“It’s great that the video goes with the podcast because you do see those funnier moments of us together. We get on really well and getting to work together is really good.”

Spencer previously revealed he was incredibly proud of their reality show, and loves that the kids will be able to look back and watch it some day.

Speaking to VIP Magazine recently, Spencer told us, “I think it’s quite funny! It’s not one of those glossy, glitzy shows.


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“I think it’s quite a real account of first-time parents having a good go at it. It won’t be too embarrassing for Theodore to watch back, I hope.”

It was important for the couple to show things as they happened, and stay away from false drama for the sake of a few extra views.

“I think reality television is so overproduced nowadays that it has kind of lost its name,” he said.

“It’s not really what it says on the tin. Our show is 100 per cent unscripted, full on the real deal and we love making it.”

Well, we know for sure this isn’t the end of these two on our screens, if it’s not reality TV maybe a duo presenting gig or even, a documentary?


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