Vogue Williams Shares Her Favourite Baby Names – And They’re Gorg

Vogue Williams is the proud mama of three kids, Theodore ‘Theo’ who is four-years-old, Gigi Margaux who is two-years-old, and baby Otto, only 8-months.

But turns out her tots could have had some very different names. Opening up during an Instagram Q&A, Vogue revealed the names she absolutely loved, but didn’t pick for her children.

Topping her list was the name Romi, as she explained: “I loved Romi for a girl! I still love Romi, don’t I’ll ever get it across the line so I’ll share it.”

But her list didn’t end there, as she continued: “Harlow I loved for girl,” which she heard when her friend chose it from her child.

For a boy, Vogue loved the name River, and another name which the model held back on sharing, explaining: “For a boy there’s another one that I love now that I’m not gonna say. Like I probably won’t have another baby but just in case.”

Finally she admitted she loved the name Sailor, but confessed: “I know it’s not up everyone’s street, but Sailor for a girl I just think would be so cute.”

As for if her and hubby Spencer Matthews are planning for more kids, the DJ confessed they wouldn’t say never but are happy with three.

She said: “I honestly don’t know. I’d like to think that we’d have another child but like it’s very very very very full on with three and we’re super happy with three.

“We feel really lucky to have three very healthy babies. And I don’t know, just thought not for a very long time if it was ever happened.”