Well, Now We’ve Got Photographic Evidence That Scott Disick And Eyal Booker Are Mates

It's the crossover you'd never expect.


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Previously on Love Island…

It looks like 2018’s Eyal Booker and the Lord himself, Scott Disick are after striking up a surprising (not so surprising) friendship and we’re kind of all here to watch it grow.

From the outset, yes, it’s surprising, I mean, how does this influencer from Bushey, Hertfordshire end up sipping drinks with the Kardashian lot in Los Angeles.

But then, when you do a little bit of creeping, it becomes less of a shock bromance because Eyal, who now lives in California, is dating Delilah Hamlin, daughter to Lisa Rinna.


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And quelle surprise, similarly so, Scott is also dating a Lisa Rinna offspring, as he’s been dating Amelia Hamlin.

Looking back to a couple of months ago, it looks like Scott has been backing Eyal for a while now as he wrote that bizarre message to the Love Islander’s ex Megan Barton Hanson about her time on the show.

Explaining that Megan left Scott “deeply disturbed” after watching Love Island when Megan was “disrespectful” to Eyal for “no good reason”, Scott asked if two years later, Megan was willing to write Eyal an apology.

Adding: “The fact you told him he was not funny, when, in fact, you’re not Jim Carrey, is absurd.”


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Noting that she was left speechless by the message, Megan added that she’s a little concerned about Scott over his shock reaching out and retaliation to her past dating life on the hit TV show.

Scott never mentioned the DM chat publicly, but as trying to keep his relationship with 20-year-old Amelia away from the cameras, we’d believe this online rift ended as quickly as it started.


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Want to know more about Amelia Hamlin? Check out one of our first stories when she started dating Scott here.


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