We’re Got More Matt Damon Dalkey Stories, This One Involves Red Hair And Bono

Will he become a permanent resident soon? We hope so.


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Matt Damon’s mad antics in Dalkey kept us pretty entertained during our first lockdown in 2020. Seriously his Supervalu shopping bag was the talk of the town. And now, he just shared another story of his stay in the Dublin suburb.

While on the American chat show, Tonight with Jimmy Fallon, Matt revealed a bizarre night that involved a couple of drinks, a red Mohawk, and Bono, who he called “The Mayor of Dalkey”.


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Matt explained that after a few drinks with his wife one night during his Dalkey stay, he let his daughters do his hair as an art project.

After Jimmy prompted him, saying, “I heard a story that you FaceTimed the Mayor of Dalkey, Bono.”

He confessed to Jimmy: “It was a Friday night, and I’d let the kids dye my hair red like I was their art project, basically.

“It was clear that we weren’t going back to work, and so then they decided I needed a mohawk. So they mohawked me, and that was the night I FaceTimed him (Bono).

“He was like ‘what are you doing?

“The hair was actually maroon. I looked like a rooster.

“He was ‘What have you done? What is happening over there? Do we need to come and help you?'”

Sounds like Matt definitely understands Irish craic then. Seeing as he had such a good time in Dalkey, he had only good things to say about his temporary home.


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Matt revealed his reason for staying and his love of the seaside suburb.

Claiming, “We shut down right when I got to Ireland, and my family and I, we just took a vote, we decided to stay.

“It was a great decision. We had a great, great time there and kind of got absorbed into this beautiful little community.

His love for Dalkey was evident as he gushed, “We were in Dalkey, just near Dublin. And it’s this great little town, and we were as lucky as you can get.”

Matt was on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon, along with his pal Ben Affleck, and Nicole Holofcener, to promote their upcoming film The Last Duel, which was filmed in Ireland.

Words by Sláine McKenna