What’s In The Oscars’ STUNNING €130k Goodie Bag?

Green with envy RN.


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The 2022 Oscars came back in full force on Sunday evening, with enough drama to keep Twitter occupied for a week. Aside from the scandalous interactions, glamorous outfits and prestigious awards, we almost forgot one of the most exciting aspects of the annual ceremony – the goodie bags! And this year’s collection of gifts is just as extravagant as years past, valued at just under €135,000. Not quite the goodie bag you were gifting after your junior infant’s birthday party.

LA-based marketing company Distinctive Assets are in charge of distributing the gift bags (aptly named ‘Everyone Wins’) for the 20th consecutive year, and this week they’ve given us a sneak peek into the contents.

So what do the lucky guests get?


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Well, there’s apparently 53 items total. Top of the list this year is a 3-night stay in Turin Castle, Scotland, worth a whopping $50,000. Guests will experience what it’s like to be royalty, with the entire castle to themselves and a performance of bagpiping to welcome them. Some of the less insane items include a $14 Tangle Teezer brush, and some fancy popcorn from brand Opopop.

Here are a few more highlights from the intriguing goodie bag, ranging from bizarre to basic.


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• A 4-night stay at the Golden Door resort in California worth $15,000

• A tea gift set from The Chai Box

• An actual plot of land in Scotland, along with the title Lord or Lady of Glencoe

• A $12,000 ‘celebrity arms’ liposuction procedure

• Limited edition Trust Me vodka bottles

• $10,000 of ‘treatments and rejuvenation procedures’

• A life coaching session worth $1,200

• Chocolate dipped Posh Pretzels

• $25,000 in home renovations from an L.A construction company

• Gold infused olive oil

• Unisex Piper & Perro perfume


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Wow. We’d honestly be delighted with just one thing off the list (if we got to choose, we’d maybe opt for the holiday in California over the pretzels, though). The contents this year might look unusual, but they’re actually pretty conventional compared to years previous. Last year’s gifts included a plastic PETA car hammer to break windows for overheating dogs, while other year’s items have included DNA heritage kits, underarm sweat patches, edibles, breast lifts, and pepper spray. Okay then… we still wouldn’t say no!

Words by Aoife Codykane

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