Yikes! Love Island’s Hugo And Amy Had A LOT To Say In Their First Chat Outside The Villa

The pair exited the villa on Thursday night following a double couple dumping.

It looks as though Love Island’s Hugo Hammond and Amy Day won’t be swapping phone numbers now that their time in the villa has come to an end.

In a chat post-villa, the pair sat down to discuss their short whirlwind romance, pointing fingers when it came to what they believe the other’s actual intentions were.

As you might remember, Amy and Hugo first shared a spark in Casa Amor, having a cheeky kiss “job done”, and recoupling together before entering the OG villa.

Off to a good start, things only appeared to go downhill from there with the pair failing to keep that spark alive once back in the main villa, admitting that they felt the other wasn’t putting in the work.

Having a conversation in the villa before getting booted off the show, the pair discussed the point they had come to, with both of them admitting that the effort seemed to be lacking.


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But now, having left the show, many wondered if the pair would work on their relo on the outside or call it a day and well, it looks pretty apparent.

In scenes during Sunday’s Aftersun, Hugo tells Laura Whitmore and Amy that he felt like the bombshell’s “green card” into the villa, while Amy branded the PE teacher as “fake”.

“I thought there was something there. We leave the villa, and you just flipped and friend-zoned me. You’ve come across quite fake now,” confessed Amy.


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Disagreeing, Hugo referenced the pair’s chat in the villa before they got dumped admitting that he thought that was clearly them calling it a day, however, Amy notes that in her opinion, the conversation went otherwise.

“I never had a conversation with you where it was, ”we would go this way or we would go this way’. It was, ‘let’s stop having the pressure on us’,” continued Amy.

Admitting that she believes Hugo’s “terrible with women”, a shocked Laura Whitmore hosted Sunday night’s show as the pair were still visibly upset while chatting on Aftersun via Zoom.

Well, there you have it. It looks as though these two won’t be reuniting any time soon.


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