Celebrity Approved Restaurants In Europe You Need To Try On Your City Break

Food and celeb spotting, our two favourite things.


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As you know, we here at STELLAR we are pop culture queens, we know what there is to know about the happenings of Hollywood and beyond, PLUS all the hotspots our faves love to go.

We are also big foodies. When our office conversations aren’t about the latest celebrity goss, they are about what we are all enjoying at lunch time, who has cooked up a storm and which cutie cafe we will try in the vicinity of our office.

So, naturally as it comes into summer and we are all planning our gorge city breaks around Europe, one of the most important topics when it comes to booking restaurants for our hols is, where would Kim Kardashian eat? Bible.

There’s something thrilling about trying an A-lister’s fave restaurant, is it as nice as they say? Do you see the hype? Did you spot any A-Listers while you were there? It’s an experience in itself rather than just a dinner and who doesn’t want to make an event out of eating out.

Since a lot of our readers may be jetting off across Europe in the coming months, we thought we’d compile a list of some of the celeb hotspots we’ve heard of or tried so you too can play the part for the night.

You’re welcome in advance and let us know if you spot any familiar faces on your travels, we’d only love to know!


Chiltern Firehouse


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When you’re looking up celebrity hotspots in London this is what comes up time and time again, and for good reason. Celebs such as Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Noel Gallagher are among the many who pay a visit when they are in town.

It looks stunning inside tbf, look how fluffy those pancakes are?!

34 Mayfair 


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Kyle Richards and Lily James follow this place on Instagram and that speaks for itself. This glamorous looking spot is also said to be a hit with the Beckhams, who we would only love to be sat beside.

Even the glasses of champagne look fancy here, so if you’re looking for a glam spot even just for a drink and some people watching it could be the one for you!

Sexy Fish


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You may have heard of this spot before as they have a very popular location in Miami, where celebs flock to for a good time. But the London Sexy Fish was actually the original, which is nice to know since it’s so close to home.

The likes of Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence are fans of this Japanese inspired place, it looks like a gorge place for dinner and cocktails with the girls if you want a fun vibe and Instagram worthy drinks.




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THE place to be in Paris for celebrities this restaurant is said to be top tier food but also with top tier pricing… You should be prepared to pay a pretty penny to live like a star in some of these spots, but you’re on your holliers after all!

Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Kris Jenner are just some of the big names who adore this place and if that’s enough to sell it to you wear your best outfit and enjoy!



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We all know Kim Kardashian loves a sweet treat, so when she recommends a place to try churros, we go. Ferdi is the place we’ve seen the Kardashian Jenner clan eat at on KUWTK and all of their celeb pals also enjoy the small but ultra-cool restaurant when in the city of love.

Kim says her favourite churros are the ones on the menu here so that must be your dessert, if it’s good enough for Kim K, we’ll take it!


Bar Luce


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This Instagram worthy spot was designed by famous director Wes Anderson, who is known for his eccentric visual films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel. The head designer for Prada and Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada, specifically chose Anderson for the bars design.

Kendall Jenner has been known to be a fan of this spot, telling Elle Decor, “It’s a coffee shop and bar, but has fun arcade games, a jukebox, and an amazing candy selection and the coolest décor.” And that sounds pretty cool to us!


SUD Lisboa


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If you’re looking for a luxury evening where the likes of Michael Fassbender, Madonna and Cindy Crawford like to visit, SUD Lisboa is perfect for you. The destination has three areas to choose from and each one looks impeccable from top to bottom.

Tejo Bar

If you’re more of a low-key vibe, there’s another Lisbon spot that you might prefer. As you may know Madonna had a home in Lisbon for years, so she knows where to go out, and it turns out her favourite bar isn’t very exclusive at all!

Tejo Bar has music, drinks and a casual, fun atmosphere, one that you may not expect to find queen of pop Madonna in!

If you’re heading to any of these spots soon definitely check out these locations to follow your notions and maybe even brush shoulders with an A-Lister!

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