Charlotte Crosby Claims Love Island Fans Are Bullying Her Following Dr Alex Tweet

Charlotte Crosby of Geordie Shore fame has thrown herself into the eye of the Love Island storm this week, and it hasn’t worked out too well for her.

The Newcastle native, along with the rest of the world it seems, tweeted about her LI opinions, more specifically her feelings on Dr. Alex, and how he has been carrying on in the Villa.

However, she may have taken things too far with an off handed comment about the appearance of his skin.

Now, a lot of people were really unimpressed with Charlotte’s tweets, claiming she was a bully and shouldn’t be making personal comments about people so publicly.

Since then, the people running Dr. Alex’s social media pages, presumably his family, have spoken out on the comments, condemning the way is which Charlotte spoke about his skin


So this response evoked a huge social media backlash for Charlotte, with the 28-year-old now claiming that the anto bullying message that Alex’s family were trying to portray, actually had the opposite affect.

“I don’t like Alex personally and I don’t like the way he treated Alexandra.” she told her Instagram followers.

“I commented on his sunburn…. I said that as a throwaway comment. To comment such a jokey thing about sunburn is not serious bullying.

“What I do however think is really bad is that Alex or his family have then posted this, to draw more attention to it, which has then pushed people to send me an influx of hate, really nasty things, commenting on my personal appearance and not just jokey things like that.

“I’m not even talking just a couple of hundred, it’s like thousands. Which is completely now going against what they have stood for in this tweet.

“And really now, it’s like Ok you wanted to get your point across which is fair enough, but turn the comments off because really what you’re doing now is just pushing people to bully me.

“Everyone knows me, and knows that I’m not a bully. I say stupid jokey things, I think the whole of Geordie Shore grief each other in there saying stupid things, but never bullying.

What do you think? Was Charlotte in the wrong? Or should Dr. Alex’s family speak out against the hate she is receiving?




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