Charlotte Crosby’s Latest Diet Update Has Sparked A LOT Of Controversy On Instagram

Too far?

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Since shedding two and a half stone and dropping three dress sizes, Charlotte Crosby’s been on a mission to maintain her slimmer figure over the last year and a half.

The reality TV star has released two successful workout videos off the back of her dramatic body transformation,¬†and keeps fans regularly updated on her workouts on Instagram, when she’s not posting mirror selfies and photos from nights out.

Workout time no excuses on holiday you can do #3minutebellyblitz & #3minutebumblitz ANYWHERE

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No doubt the 26-year-old has to work extremely hard and be very disciplined to maintain her lower weight, and this morning her restricted lifestyle caused some controversy.

According to Radar Online, Charlotte posted the below picture of one of her snacks: a plum, half a kiwi, some strawberries and some blueberries. While it’s a perfectly averagely sized fruit salad, the arrangement of the fruit on a plate with a knife and fork suggested it was one of the Geordie Shore star’s full meals for the day, which didn’t go down too well with her followers.

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“I’d rather be fat,” one commenter allegedly wrote.

Shortly afterwards, Charlotte deleted the photo, making it clear she didn’t want to engage in a discussion about her eating habits. While she often posts photos from the gym or before and after workouts, it’s rare Charlotte posts pictures of her food, and we’re guessing she won’t be doing it again for a while.

It’s been a tough year for Charlotte, who quit Geordie Shore, then reunited and later broke up with her on-off boyfriend Gary Beadle, publicly bashing him for reports he had cheated on her. Here’s hoping things pick up for her soon.