Cheryl And Liam Face A £200 Fine After Failing To Register Baby Bear’s Birth

It should have been legally documented days ago.

Liam and Cheryl

Cheryl and Liam welcomed their baby boy, Bear Payne, into the world on 22 March, but they still haven’t registered his birth at the local town hall.

Like all other new parents in the UK, the celebrity couple were given 42 days to register the birth of their child – but they’re now five days overdue. Tut, tut.

Failure to follow this simple piece of legislation means that Cheryl and Liam will now have to pay a £200 fine… Which, realistically, is probably just pocket change to them.

Liam is spending a lot of time in America recording his new album, so he hasn’t had a spare moment to make the birth government-official.

As for 33-year-old Cheryl, she hasn’t been seen in public since before Bear was born. It’s believed she wants to maintain her privacy whilst raising her newborn – but she’ll need to make moves to the town hall before her fine is increased.

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