Cheryl And Liam Have A Special Nickname For Their Baby Son And It’s Super Cute

Even if you're not keen on the little guy's name, you gotta admit this is pretty sweet.

Cheryl And Liam

Cheryl and Liam have remained strictly tight-lipped since the arrival of their baby son last month, only revealing his name in the past week.

While the name, Bear Payne, hasn’t been a popular choice among fans, we reckon the new parents pet name for their little bub is pretty adorable.

According to a fan who met Liam after a radio interview in Chicago, Liam revealed that he and Cheryl have nicknamed their little one Cub. As in, Bear Cub. So cute.

He also gushed about becoming a parent for the first time, telling fans “I made a human. I helped. [Cheryl] did the most. Only mothers would understand.”

Awk. Sounds like Liam’s smitten, not just with his little cub but with Chezza too.

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