Cheryl And Liam Payne’s Baby Looks Exactly Like Them!

Their son, Bear, is now six months old.

Cheryl and boyfriend Liam Payne have been keeping very schtum when it comes to their baby boy, Bear. The child was born six months ago, on 22 March, and we’ve only been treated to carefully curated pics of his feet and hands.

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But now Nick Grimshaw, BBC Radio 1 presenter, has revealed what little Bear really looks like. Speaking to the Sun’s Bizarre column, he said, “Cheryl and I are super close. I went for dinner with her and my mum a few weeks ago.

“I’ve not met Bear but I have seen lots of pictures of him though, and he is gorgeous. He is really handsome and obviously their child – and they’re both gorgeous, aren’t they?” A child who looks just like Cheryl and Liam sounds super cute in our books.

“I am going for a roast at hers soon, apparently she is good at them,” Nick added, “but she has been saying that since I met her.”

The wait for photos continues, unforch.

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