Chloe Grace Moretz Called Police When A Creepy Fan Showed Up At Her House With Cookies

So freaky!

Chloe Grace Moretz was hanging out in her LA home when a young, male fan appeared at her doorstep.

The guy, who reportedly arrived on a skateboard, had brought a container of cookies as a gift for the actress.

TMZ reported that the 20-year-old was in no mood to accept the gift, and was quite freaked out, so instead called the police.

When Chloe didn’t answer the door to him, the fan asked a neighbour for confirmation that this was her home. The neighbour got suspicious and questioned the guy’s intentions, who then made a speedy getaway.

The star was later spotted out and about in LA, and she appeared relaxed in comfy athletic gear, so it seems she wasn’t too phased by the ordeal.

LAPD’s threat management is reportedly on the case, so hopefully the creepy chap will stay away from now on.

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