Chris Hughes Just Said The *Sweetest* Thing About Jesy Nelson

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Chris Hughes has opened up about what his relationship with ex Jesy Nelson is like now.

The Love Island star dated the former Little Mix star for about 16 months before calling it quits in April last year.

Though Jesy hasn’t spoken much about the split since then, Chris has been vocal in his support for his ex over the last few months from supporting her new shows to her decision to leave the band.

It seems the pair are still on good terms though, with Chris recently revealing that he and Jesy and still friends.

“I’m just grateful and fortunate that Jesy’s still a very good friend of mine,” he told OK magazine.

“We still get on extremely well and she’s a great person. It’s good to have her as a friend rather than losing her out of my life completely. I think that’s the hardest part of a break-up.”

Jesy Nelson, Chris Hughes

Speaking about why the pair did split up, Chris explained:  “It’s just one of those things – people grow apart and things happen. It’s a part of life.”

“Not everything is meant to last and the world would be very weird if everyone who went out with someone was with them for the rest of their lives.”

“It was always amicable. We never had a reason to dislike each other. Weeks after the break-up is when things start to get better and you move on with life. We reach out to each other here and there.”

“Through the powers of social media, you can see when someone might need someone to talk to, so it’s always nice to have someone there who understands you and you understand them.”

Chris went on to say it can be difficult to speak to people when you’re struggling but he feels like Jesy is someone he can turn to when he needs her.

“I struggle with talking to some of my best friends about things I go through in life, whether it’s work issues or social issues. Even with family it can be quite difficult.”

“So yeah, I know I’ve always got a friend there who I can confide in and likewise for her.”

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