Chrishell Stause Says She Doesn’t ‘Have The Patience’ For Any More Drama

Here's what Chrishell wants to see more of on the show...


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Chrishell Stause let her feelings about a certain unnamed co-star be known on Instagram yesterday, and she didn’t stop there.

Having received DM’s from fans asking for less drama and more houses on the show she wanted to share this so the bosses could see. Posting screenshots of the messages she wrote, “Personally I want to see amazing homes, ‘only in LA’ homes, real real estate issues that arise (plenty of them) fun or cooky clients we have & the real and sometimes weirdly close bond we have all formed in working together.

“Filming the show should be fun and watching it should be fun. JMHO not that I have any say-lol.”

Continuing she said, “Posting a very very small fraction of what I see constantly so the people in charge can see. If you join a show on great terms with someone & then cameras fire up and all of sudden you CAN’T WAIT to bring something up from 3 yrs ago
The audience is not stupid. And I don’t have the patience anymore for this dumb bs. Y’all I’m tired.”


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Selling Sunset is known not only for the fabulous houses on the market, but mostly for the drama that goes on between the brokers at the group. In previous seasons this drama seemed to revolve around Christine Quinn the designated ‘villain’ of the show. With Christine recently announcing her departure from the series, we thought the drama could cool off a little.

That was until yesterday when Chrishell called out a co-star for being ‘fake’, and we just need to know more.

She wrote, ““The thirst for camera time on season 6 is REAL, Wow. That was insanity. But also SO transparent. Get your 15 mins girl but leave my business out of it.


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“Screenshots have been archived for this very moment, Of COURSE you have a huge issue with me now—not before—when you have a camera crew around you. I hate fake. If you want camera time—JUST SAY THAT. I would have helped you get the right angle.

“But don’t try to come for people I love or my business when you were added and I was there to hype you up, excited for you. You guys are smart. I think you will see who is need of attention & willing to throw anyone under the bus to get that 15 mins.”

We are dying to know who she is talking about, which is good for the show as we will be bet into the next series when it is released! Although we may have a while to wait as the cast are only filming season six as we speak, so we won’t expect to see it on our screens before at least Christmas time.

But keep us posted with the Instagram updates girls!


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