Chrissy Teigen Shut Down ‘Weird and Angry’ Follower Who Said She’s ‘Classless’

We all know Chrissy has no time for Twitter trolls.


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We all know that there’s basically two sides to Twitter: The side that we all know and love, full of gas memes and dog photos. Then there’s the side that’s plagued with people who seem to enjoy calling out normal things, giving out about everything and anything or just generally not having a good time.

Chrissy Teigen called out one Twitter user who just didn’t seem to be having a good time on the app, after they called out Chrissy for tweeting about changing her Twitter photo.

The seemingly anonymous user wrote “It’s official. I followed you on IG and here…. at first I thought you had funny interesting stories but now I realize you just go on about EVERYTHING. Unfollow on both.”

E! News reported that Chrissy replied, but that has since been deleted, to which the anonymous tweeter replied, “I didn’t say anything horrible about you. What you just did was really classless.”

One of Chrissy’s fans then responded to the tweets, saying “Dude your bio says “it’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice” mayyyhaps follow along with that???” To which they replied, “First off I’m not a dude. Secondly I didn’t say anything directly bad about her. But 160 tweets within one hour is in my opinion too much. However the way she responded was completely classless.”

Here’s when Chrissy replied, writing “I haven’t tweeted for 3 days, then said 6 things. Lolllllll you are weird and angry.”

So, that’s the latest on Chrissy calling out people, here we are.


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