Colin Farrell’s Praise For Barry Keoghan Would Bring A Tear To A Glass Eye

"He has experienced a certain amount of absolute desolation in his past."

The Oscar Wilde Awards (AKA the Irish Oscars) took place last night in LA, honouring the Irish and Irish-American contributions to Hollywood in the past year.

One of the recipients was Dunkirk actor and Dubliner Barry Keoghan, who almost missed his flight thanks to the old Beast from the East.

Barry has often spoken about his difficult childhood – his mother died of a heroin overdose when he was young, leading him and his brother to spend five years in foster care.

His award was presented to him by his Killing of a Sacred Deer co-star Colin Farrell, who praised him for overcoming “absolute desolation” to make it as an actor:

Anyone who knows Barry can testify to the fact that he’s gone through a certain amount of experience in his personal life. He has experienced a certain amount of absolute desolation in his past that I would find, in my contemplation of such loss, completely insurmountable.

So for him to put every bit of hope, pain and curiosity into his work but also be a man of great generosity, warmth, fun, and little bit of madness – just the right measure is the most impressive thing.

What beautiful words. We’re not crying… there’s just something in our eyes.