Collins Dictionary Announced Its ‘Word Of The Year’ And People Aren’t Happy

"The state of the world we live in!"

Every year, Collins Dictionary choose a ‘Word of the Year’, and in the past have picked words like, ‘Brexit’, ‘binge-watch’, and ‘photobomb’. But this year’s choice isn’t going down so well.

Donald Trump’s favourite term, “fake news”, has been announced as Word of the Year 2017, despite the fact that it’s two words.

People on Twitter are raging, and have been saying things like, “Am I the only one who’s a bit annoyed that the word of the year (fake news) is actually two words?!” and “Fake News is the 2017 word of the year? But it’s two words… guess that shows the state of the world we live in!”

Another person tweeted, “I wanted word of the year to be ‘covfefe’.” Lol. Check out the rest of the responses below:

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