Could Caffeinated Toothpaste Really Replace Your Morning Latte Habit?

Because we all need that extra little kick in the morning, right? Right.

Personal hygiene

If you’re anything like us here at STELLAR, your brain/body doesn’t start functioning in the morning until you’ve had a triple shot americano. So, the idea of getting your daily hit while completing the mundane task of brushing your teeth seems seriously appealing, right?

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Well, American entrepreneur  Dan Meropol has come up with a way we can do just that. Inspired by his own caffeine addiction and passion for good dental health, Dan came up with this ingenious idea to “eliminate morning grogginess” with Power Energy Toothpaste, a toothpaste laced with caffeine.

So is it a worthwhile purchase?

Well, a recent study found that one in four of us don’t brush twice a day and 1 in 10 of us admit to regularly forgetting to to do it all, so it seems we do need that extra incentive to get down and dirty with our toothbrushes.

However, Power Energy Toothpaste still has a long way to go until it makes it to Ireland; the relatively new product is still seeking funding through crowdsourcing. The toothpaste contains no fluoride, so it is classed as a cosmetic product and although it has been approved by dentists, it is highly recommended that mouth wash is used along side it.

Unfortunately, for those of you looking for a pick-me-up for the day this may not be the answer too all your problems, as the caffeine fix doesn’t last very long. This is because the caffeine in the toothpaste hits you immediately, whereas with your morning cuppa the caffeine is dispersed at a steady pace over a certain period of time.

We think we’ll be sticking to our usual triple shot americano to avoid any zombie like behaviour but when caffeinated toothpaste does make its way to Ireland we might combine our morning coffee with the toothpaste to give ourselves just that extra little bit of a boost.

Disclaimer: If you plan to start using this toothpaste avoid using it at night, for, um, obvious reasons….