Courteney Cox Just Recreated The Most Iconic Friends Scene Ever For Her Insta Followers

Her version didn't feature Ross and Rachel, however.

Courteney Cox creating an Instagram account is already the highlight of 2019.

The actress made Friends fans’ day yesterday when she recreated a scene from the iconic TV show for her 1.2 million followers.

Courteney shared a video of herself and some friends moving a table through the narrow hallways of her home alongside the caption: “Just another Friday night #pivot”. You can only guess what happened next.

Shifting a table down her hallway with her Snow Patrol fella, she said: “Just trying to move a piece of furniture down the hall. My movers are here.”

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Just another Friday night #pivot

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“Come on guys, pivot. Pivot! Pivot!” she jokingly shouted.

The funny scene she was recreating came from a Friends episode titled ‘The One with the Cop’ where Ross, Rachel and Chandler try to navigate moving a couch up a flight of stairs.

Unfortunately, Courteney’s version didn’t feature Ross and Rachel, but we loved it anyway.


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