Creepy? Liam Payne’s Latest Interview Makes The Age Gap Between Him And Cheryl Seem Weirder Than Ever

We can't quite get our heads around this...

Liam Payne has been gushing yet again about his girlfriend and mother of his child Cheryl Tweedy.

The former One Direction star is no stranger to bringing his popstar other half up in conversation during his interviews to promote his solo music career, but this time we’re officially creeped out.

Liam was speaking about being a fan of Cheryl since he was young, admitting to being just “a kid” when watching his now partner release her debut solo single….

“It’s a ridiculous place to be in,” he told the Telegraph .

“She’s even more amazing than I thought. I was watching her do Fight For This Love when I was a kid, and now we’re together with a kid.”

Do you feel old yet? Because we certainly do! Considering Chez was still married to first husband Ashley Cole at the time, we’re sure Liam didn’t fancy his chances with the former Girls Aloud star.

Cheryl and Liam Bump

“I feel like I’m X Factor’s biggest winner.” Bear’s dad continued.

“We think about the same things.

“She understands what my life is like. She knows what it’s like to sit on the Graham Norton couch [or] we can talk about her L’Oréal work. It’s not that we’re ‘a brand’ as a family, but we can help each other.”

We wonder how Cheryl feels thinking about Liam watching her on tv as a kid? Not weird at all…


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