Curtis’ Best Friend Has Had Her Say on Maura – And It’s Not Looking Good

Maura and Curtis are up for elimination on Sunday night’s Love Island, but will they win the public vote and make it through to the final?

With only five couples left, it’s getting down to the nitty gritty, and each relationship is being put to task from inside and outside the villa.

The couple have been a fan favourite up until now, but Curtis’ best friend has spoken out about how long their relationship will really last on the outside.

“She’s gorgeous, but she also seems to have a lot of layers, and that could be intriguing to him. He would see her as a bit of a challenge,” she said. Curtis’ pal Chloe Hewitt told OK! Magazine.



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“It could be a summer romance, and then they’ll come back to reality,

“I do believe Maura likes him. I love that she’s upfront and feisty, but I think she’s a bit overpowering.

“He’s found a bit of fun in Maura. Curtis is thinking about now and not the future.”

Maura and Curtis coupled up following the dancer’s dramatic break up with former contestant, Amy earlier in the season.

But it seems they were destined to end up together, as before they even appeared on the show, they were equally as keen on one another.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, the Longford lady’s mum Sharon said, “I did see it coming because, when there was speculation of this year’s contestants, Maura did mention that he looked nice but she would have to see what his personality was like.”

Do you think the pair will last?!