Curtis Pritchard Has Been Spotted On Holiday With Dancer He Was Accused Of Seeing Behind Maura Higgins’ Back

Curtis had denied the cheating rumours at the time.


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Back when Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard split up in March, there were a whole lot of cheating accusations floating around the pair. And now, it seems Curtis is on holiday with dancer Amber Pierson. Who exactly is that I hear you cry? Well, the very person that Curtis was accused of seeing behind Maura’s back, of course.

Curtis is currently enjoying a mini-break on what looks like a double date staycation situation in Cornwall, with Amber, his brother AJ Pritchard and AJ’s girlfriend Abbie Quinnen. Although both have said that they’re just friends, they’ve been spotted getting cosy on Instagram stories.

Think beach walks, candlelit dinners. You know, your average romantic kind of things.


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At the time of the breakup, Maura wrote on her Instagram stories, “We enjoyed a great experience from our time in the villa and want to thank everyone for supporting our relationship.” Maura continued, “there is no easy way to get through a breakup and no bad feeling on either side. We tried to make it work but it wasn’t to be and I wish Curtis nothing but the best for the future.”

Then, a few months later, Curtis opened up about the break up from his perspective, “It hurt. I wasn’t ready for everyone to know we had split up — I wanted some time,” he told The Sun. “It was a shock to see that she had announced it on social media hours later.”

Of course, Curtis and Amber may very well be just friends, but we’ll see what happens, eh?


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