Cute Klaxon: This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend 148 Times Before She Noticed!

As far as proposals go, we reckon this one is downright adorable!


The closest we’ve ever come to a proposal is a 20% off voucher from Dominos to help eat our loneliness away, but one seriously lucky lass ended up receiving 148 unnoticed marriage proposals from her ridiculously cute boyfriend.

Confused? Let us explain: 33-year-old Ray Smith took 148 pictures – most of them of him and his girlfriend Claire Bramley – along with a note that read “Will you marry me?” on each one. He got the idea last year after they found out she was pregnant.


“I told her I was taking the pictures to track the progress of the baby, which was a little bit of a ruse. Sometimes she wanted to see the pictures so I had to take more than one — one with the card and one without.” says Ray.

So obviously the poor lass wasn’t getting it, so the hopeless romantic decided to just go for it on Christmas Day.

“It was all a bit chaotic on Christmas Day morning so I took her away and set it all up on the laptop. I got down on one knee and gave her a bit of spiel, and then popped the question,” he said.

“I was totally oblivious to it all,” says Claire. “I was totally surprised, but in hindsight it’s exactly the kind of thing he does. He likes to do romantic things.”


A guy who’s romantic and not afraid to take a few selfies? Sounds like a keeper to us!

Watch the video compilation of all the photos and Ray’s heart-warming proposal below.

By Jennifer Conway